LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Porsche


Okay, on too the king of the booth, the GT2RS, where even the side mirrors have been shaped with aero purpose.


The 3.8L twin-turbo six in this beast pumps out 700hp, so massive cooling is required. Those might be the largest bumper corner openings I have ever seen to feed the coolers behind the mesh. The mesh is pretty dense too making it hard to get a good look at what’s behind them, but that mesh is required to protect the coolers in a track environment where this car is meant to live. The front splitter has some height built into it, which I’m guessing is because there’s not much vertical surface area on the bumper itself for air to stagnate against and crate downforce; those massive front openings are great for cooling, bad for downforce. There’s always a compromise.


Here you can see how the front splitter has roughly 50mm of height. Also check out the big side vent to dump all the air going through the front opening. I was not able to see an opening into the front wheel well, so all the air should be exiting this side vent. My guess is Porsche did this to minimize front aero lift as the air just dumps out to the side of the car. If it dumps into the wheel well, which we’ve seen on a bazillion other cars, the air has to work its way out of the wheel well somehow (out the side, thru, under) along with possibly building up pressure in the wheel well. The vent at the rear of the front wheel well is common to see like on the Panamera, but why do that if you can avoid it in the first place?


As has been de rigueur on GT3/GT2 911s, there’s an air extraction vent at the leading edge of the hood as this is a low-pressure area. That little carbon fiber lip probably helps too. And yes, the GT2RS uses a Porsche emblem sticker to save weight and maybe some aero drag.


This view under the front gives another look at the height of the front splitter. Notice there is not the typical Porsche control arm mounted brake cooling air guide. My guess is Porsche deemed it ineffective with the low ground clearance from the front splitter.


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