LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Porsche


Here is another look at the rear diffuser. Also, look closely at the turbine housing inlet (upper left of photo, lower right of the cylindrical cat). It looks like there’s an EGT probe.


There’s a lot of air extraction at the rear of the car with openings under the rear decklid spoiler, lower bumper, and rear corners. The rear corner openings are to dump the air going through the intercoolers which are fed air from the massive side scoops in the rear fenders.


But with 700hp, the rear corner bumper openings are not enough, so the GT2RS dumps air below the bumper and behind the rear tires too. This should be a low-pressure area to help suck the air out.


Yeah, the GT2RS uses fake rear bumper exhaust tips too because it would look stupid for these two exhaust tubes to be poking out the rear. The one on the left has the exhaust valve to keep the car quiet, but you can see it’s currently open.


The exhaust manifold has this heat shield around it to prevent damaging the rotary electric actuator and diffuser among other things. The heat shield has those openings to likely get some cooling air to the manifold while the car is moving.


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