LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Porsche


To ram more air to the turbos, a pair of scoops are used at the base of the rear window. If you remember my chart on vehicle speed vs ram air pressure from my S2000 NACA duct article, you’ll know significant pressure can be made at high speeds where this GT2RS is designed to live. By increasing the air pressure going into the turbo, the compressor can operate at a lower pressure ratio to hit the same intake manifold absolute pressure, so that means more power. The rear wing works in conjunction with the rear decklid spoiler to create downforce.


There appears to only be two position options for the angle of the rear wing. Well, that just means you can’t really screw up what Porsche has already determined to be the best range of operation.


I can tell you those seats are amazing. The side pad of the driver’s seat (bottom of the read seat belt is going to it) where you have to rest your left leg on when you’re prying yourself out, it was already showing some wear.


So many less buttons compared to the Panamera! The GT2RS is supposed to be a track focused car, so no weight adding fluff. Even the flappy paddles are carbon fiber. They are pretty small because they rotate with the wheel. I guess there’s some debate/preference as to whether the paddles move with the wheel or stay fixed; Porsche decided to have the paddles move with the wheel. It does allow for a much a smaller paddle which saves weight.


GT2RS only comes with PDK because it’s the fastest method of getting around a track. It does appear you can shift using the main lever like a sequential shifter if you don’t want to use the paddles. Porsche does it right too with pushing forward being downshift and pulling rearward being upshift. I think only Mazda does this in the more commonplace cars, and that’s one of the reasons we love Mazda. Also, note the lack of buttons! Well, by Porsche standards.


The GT2RS has this weight-reducing pull strap to open the door. It’s best you use your right hand to get the proper angle to pull on the strap; I tried initially with my left hand, and while I was able to get it to open, it’s much easier to just reach across using the right hand.

The GT2RS has a lot of stuff going on with drastic differences from the base Carrera we poked around last year. Of course, the Carrera comes with the new 3.0L twin-turbo engine and the Turbo and GT2RS are based on the older 3.8L engines, but it just goes to show how drastic the differences are between two cars in the same family. With the GT2RS being highly track-focused and a Cayman’s worth of power more than a Carrera, there are many aero features and thermal management features required. It’s all awesome. The Panamera Sport Turismo is pretty cool too.

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