Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S

Not all of us want a race car for the street. Although many of us are hardcore track day participants, autocrossers or canyon runner nuts, there are a lot of enthusiasts who don’t want a super edgy race car with a license plate as a commuter or daily driver.

Just recently, we were lamenting the days of not too long ago where the hot setup was a set of KYB AGX, Tokico Illumina or Koni Yellow shocks with a set of Eibach Pro Kit or Raceline springs. One of the advantages of this sort of set up was simplicity and a lot less rattle, clunks and vibrations that coilovers with camber plates are susceptible to.

One of the reasons why this whole market seemed to vanish is largely because KYB, Tokico and Koni have seemed to abandon the high-performance street aftermarket and stopped coming out with new shock applications and technology. With no new fitments, the interest in these products dried up and coilovers took over the suspension market.

Wouldn’t it be nice for your daily, we lamented, if someone could come out with a simple, non-adjustable OEM configuration shock and spring that were matched to each other, with OEM-style rubber isolators, slightly shorter bodies to maintain bump travel with a built-in mild lowering? The damper would have to be sporty firm, but not too hard, and have a modern damping curve. This would be a step up from stock but be quiet and fuss-free. No more rattle, clunks, stuck collars and coilover in a daily car hassles.

We wanted, we thought, something like what the factory might spec for a limited edition sports model. Not a week after we had this conversation, that we ran into the folks at Pedders Suspension, and they showed us a product they had that exactly matched what we were talking about the week before!


Pedders is an Austrailian company. Pedders is new to the US market, but they have been around for a long time- 67 years, in fact- being founded in 1950. The design philosophy of Pedders is to build high-quality, performance street suspension systems. These are the systems with engineering focus being put on achieving a balance between daily driving civility and performance handling.

The Easyfit front strut is fully assembled from Pedders and is sold ready to drop right into your car! The Easyfit kit uses Pedders heavy duty SportsRyder nitrogen gas-pressurized shock absorbers which are stock configuration.

The Easyfit struts are designed for a slightly lower ride height and have a sports firmer damping curve tailored to their Sportsrider springs. The front strut has all the brackets for brake lines and sensors to make the installation easy as can be. There are also dust boot and rubber spring isolators for long life and a quiet ride.


A cool feature of the front strut is the offset upper mount. This gives a half degree more postive caster for more straight-line stability, better steering wheel return, and more negative camber gain when cornering.  All with a smooth and quiet OEM-style rubber isolator. The front spring rate is 150 in/lbs.

The rear setup has the spring and gas filled shock all loaded and ready to be installed in the car. The rear spring rate is 210 in/lbs

The rear suspension has a dust boot and OEM-style quiet rubber isolated upper mount.


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