Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S


With our suspension squared away, it was time to move onto the anti-sway bars. The stock rear bar is really small in diameter at 14mm. We kind of think its there for minor trim adjustments to the car’s balance. It is too small to have much of a contribution its roll reduction.

Howard removes the rear anti-sway bar. It is pretty easy to do. With the removal of just a few bolts, the bar is out of the car and on the floor!

The Pedders bar is 17.5mm in diameter or 3.5mm thicker than stock, which we calculate as a whopping 200% to 262% increase (depending on which hole in the bar) in roll resistance from the bar alone.

Howard adds teflon tape to the area where the bushings rest on the bar itself. This is one of our tricks to assure that the bar will never squeak and pivot smoothly with little sticktion.

Howard adds some of the supplied silicone grease to the Pedders bushing. The bushing has grooves to retain the grease better.

Howard also applied some silicone grease on top of the teflon tape.


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