Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S



The gas damper is sealed and not rebuildable. The lower mounting eye is rubber isolated as well for less noise and vibration transfer.

The Pedders anti-sway bars are high quality with urethane bushings.

The front bar is 3mm larger than stock at 21mm vs 18mm and is not adjustable.  This is a jump in rate from 132 lbs to 225 lbs or an increase of 59%.

The rear bar is 3.5mm larger than stock and is 2-way adjustable. With a rate of 234lbs in the soft position and 316 lbs in the stiff hole compared to the  stock rate of 112lbs. This is an increase of 200% and 262% over stock.

The stock chassis sway bar mounts are known to be weak, so the Pedders bars come with these reinforcement pieces to beef the mounts up.
Our car had been purchased at an online auction by one of our older friends who is a long time SCCA racer. He simply wanted to get an FR-S or BR-Z as a fun good mileage commuter car. What he didn’t realize from the pictures is that the car was set super low and for him gave a horrible ride.

When we got the BR-Z, we were surprised to find a set of high-quality PSM coilovers- like what you would find on Matt Field’s FD car! These are great for competition, hardcore street use and drifting, but our friend did not want to have a rough ride and any sort of coilover noise for his daily.

The Pedders Easyfit is obviously a total streetable daily driver performance suspension compared to the competition spec PSM part.

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