Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S


The Verus bracket is CNC-machined from billet. It has slots cut in it, so you can adjust the position of the gas pedal around in the up and down plane.

Here is the Verus pedal riser installed under the gas pedal bracket.

With the riser installed, you can see how the pedal is now close to even with the brake pedal and the relationship of the gas to the brake pedal is much closer. You can also see the pedal stop in place.
The car had come from the auction with an amazingly loud exhaust and an uncatted mid pipe.

The car was so loud it was unbearable and was louder than many of the actual race cars in the MotoIQ fleet. To quiet the car down so it would not be an instant ticket magnet, we first put a stock mid pipe and catback in the car.

We obtained an ARK Design USA Road Spec exhaust to tame the cars noise issues. We had tested the ARK FR-S exhaust line up before and had excellent results.  You can read all about our dyno testing and evaluation here.


The exhaust the car came with was decently made and would probably be great on a racing 86!  Why anyone would do this on a street car was beyond us!
At least the open exhaust was easy to remove from the car and the previous owners didn’t hack the car up when they installed it.

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