Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S


Like the rear bar, Howard wraps the front bar with teflon tape under the bushings to ensure that they won’t squeak.

The bushings are greased in their bores.

The bushings are snapped in place over the tape.

The swaybar is slid into place and the brackets tightened down. Then, the front subframe mounting bolts are reinstalled and all the bolts tightened.

The stock endlinks are bolted to the bar, and the installation is complete.

The car’s owner hated the stock gas to brake pedal relationship, which made it hard for him to heel and toe. The FR-S the pedals are somewhat far apart, and the gas pedal is very low in relation to the brake pedal.

Verus Engineering has come up with a neat solution to fix the issue. They have a spacer that goes under the stock gas pedal mounting bracket that raises the pedal and moves it closer to the brake pedal. To keep you from over traveling the pedal, there is a revised pedal stop as well that comes with the pedal riser.


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