Project Unpimp My Ride: Pedders Easyfit Suspension and Swaybars, Street Performance for the Toyota86/BRZ/FR-S


The old system appeared to be of decent quality with stainless tubing and headed hangers that fit halfway well, thankfully in the stock locations.
In our previous test, we had noted the ARK Design’s exhausts excellent fit. It still holds true today, the Road Spec exhaust fit quite well.
The ARK Design Road Spec exhaust. Like all ARK products, this exhaust has great workmanship and uses high-quality materials.

The exhaust is Tig welded from 304 stainless. The Road Spec exhaust uses a large volume reverse flow muffler can, which usually does a better job of making things quiet.  It has a straight, through perforated core resonator, in the midpipe. The muffler has dual outlets that fill the stock openings in the rear bumper nicely, mimicking the stock system. This is one of the reasons we chose the Road Spec.


ARK Design exhausts have different optional tips. We chose these because they look pretty close to the stock parts.
The ARK Design Road Spec exhausts looks clean and does not shout, “look at meee!”

When driving the car, we noted a fairly quiet, drone-free exhaust tone that was deeper than stock and not tinny. This was the effect we wanted to achieve.


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