Learning the Craft: Grassroots Drifting


Spectators watch as Kyle drifts through turn 4 at Columbus 151 Speedway during one of the first drift days.

Mark also describes the growth of SlideSociety to where it is today.

“None of us had actual track time before, and we weren't very good to say the least. I personally had a lot of street experience, but the track was intimidating; walls can ruin your season. For all of us, what we did was drift the corners and go straight on the front and back stretch. We were going fast, getting mad angle, and feeling like bad asses. Soon, my class schedule changed and I wasn't able to go for a while. But when I came back, one person was just kicking ass. His name was Kyle; running a 240SX with a KA, cut springs, intake, header, exhaust and a welded diff. He was killing it, his speed was faster than anyone else out there and most important of all, he was transitioning and drifting the entire track, he was the first of us to finally do it! He figured it out!”


Juan Marquez drifts through the infield at Columbus 151 Speedway in the early days of SlideSociety Drifting.

“The next year we came out swinging. Kyle was setting the pace, and then we had someone to watch and learn from. We all kept learning how to transition the whole track, banked corners, and the straights. We were having meetings and more of us got involved. We voted and discussed our future, name, etc. The name took a few meetings, but we nailed it; SlideSociety. We now had events, not drift practices, and we had people coming from Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. One of the events we had that year was probably the most important we've ever had. Kris Hackenson and Juan Marquez came out and just ripped 151. We had never seen the speed, the smoke, the angle, or the skill. They took lines we've never even thought of taking. They used the infield; something we've never done before. It really made us see where we stand in the drifting world. Basically, we hadn't even scratched the surface.”


Nate and Tony drift towards the infield at a SlideSociety Drift Day in July 2013.
Drew carries a huge drift through turns 3 and 4 at Columbus 151 Speedway.

“Now, in the third season of SlideSociety Drifting, we're a well-oiled machine. We have the tools and knowledge, and are now polishing our skills. More and more people are coming out. There are twenty plus cars at an event, and we have regulars. We're having a good time. We're getting closer and closer to the wall and running tandems. We are our own entity, an established name in the Midwest.”

 -Mark R., President of SlideSociety


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