Learning the Craft: Grassroots Drifting


Jake's M50 swapped E30 BMW coming off turn 1, showing the real power of the larger I6 swap.

As the day gets underway, drivers are given 3 minutes to traverse the quarter mile oval in any direction they choose, with the banked turns being a favorite for everyone.


This Mustang does a great rolling burnout along the back stretch.

Skyler in his E34 BMW works on his donut technique on the front strech.

There are also 2 open areas in the middle of the straights, where occasionally cones are placed as training or challenge obstacles to be used as clipping points. They are also popular areas for people to blow off their tires, or practice their donuts.


Going off track through the infield may lead to becoming stuck in the drainage ditch.

This driver has a close call with the winner's circle planter.

The center section of the track is reserved for those with more experience, as there are several formidable obstacles to avoid.


The “planter” is made of 4×4's and reinforced with steel rebar. 

Other drivers inspect the damage done to this car by “the planter.”

There is a saying at SlideSociety Drifting events, something that is passed down to each new attendee; “Don’t hit the planter”. This winner’s circle monument is highly sought after by the track owners; and for good reason. During the second year of SlideSociety Drifting at Columbus 151 Speedway, the planter met its demise via a miscalculated drift. Under the watchful eye of the track owner, Mark and other SlideSociety members rebuilt it stronger then before. “The planter” has earned a reputation over the years of destroying a few cars, and unless you feel comfortable sliding through this stretch of track, it is to be avoided.

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