Learning the Craft: Grassroots Drifting


Dave and Edward work together to change tires for the next run. 

The end of the 3-minute run, timed with a stopwatch or an available Smartphone ends with the waving of a flag. Hopefully the driver still has some tire left for the next run, otherwise it's a trip over to the tire machine. 


One of the side effects of viewing at a drift event is clouded vision due to tire smoke.

The stands slowly fill with spectators as the day goes on. Friends and family come out to support their favorite drifter, as well as people who love to see cars getting sideways billowing tire smoke.


Borrowing his friends car, Pavel takes a nice dirt drop in grass as he rounds turn 3.

As the day continues, the drivers take tighter and tighter lines.


Drew checks out his car after a hard hit to the wall in turn 1.

Skyler slides backwards after a tank slapper into the front stretch wall.

Trevor's 240SX meets its demise with a hard hit to the wall.

SlideSociety members watch as Drew's car is towed away, he will rebuild!

But as is the case when people try new things, there are bound to be a few mistakes here and there. Unfortunately for these people, they didn’t make it home without the help of a trailer. However, they will rebuild, and come back with better cars and stronger skills to the next event.

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