Learning the Craft: Grassroots Drifting


Mike transitions off the front stretch into turn 4 in his beautiful Miata.

Mark slides through the infield off turn 2 in his AE86 Corolla.

Stefan transitions through the back stretch and lines up to hit the infield in his RX7.

Keith powers his LS Swapped 350Z through the front stretch and into the infield.

At the end of the day as drivers load up and head home, Mark describes what he hopes to accomplish.

“I want people to come here, learn how to properly drift their cars and have a good time. Drifting is all about having a good time. Everyone is here to help. We hold these events for people to have a safe place to drift. We don't want innocent people (or the drifters) in danger, and not getting reckless driving tickets is a huge bonus too. I want drifting in the Midwest to grow. I don't want people to be intimidated, especially at tracks with walls. People need to understand that if you drift, you will crash, and you will spend money. Another thing I want people to get out of these events is that if you think you can drift, you can. You just need to be taught how. More drifters equals more fun, so come on out and party down.” -Mark R., President of SlideSociety

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