Learning the Craft: Grassroots Drifting


Cars wait in line for their run as the drivers gather to inspect the damage to Jake's M50 swapped BMW.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. While most drift events cost upwards of $100 or more, SlideSociety Drifting charges only $20 for the day; to cover the cost of the track. They want to get people off the streets, and let more people experience drifting in the Midwest; an area much forgotten by automotive culture. This is what SlideSociety Drifting is all about.


The best tow rig to date at any SlideSociety Drift Day was this BMW Wagon towing an amazing AE86 Corolla.
Jake's M50 swapped BMW is put into perspective as he unloads it off the trailer next to this massive CAT excavator doing some work at the track.

On the day of a SlideSociety event, drivers show up at 10AM, driving or towing their cars.


This pick up bed is ready for a long day of drifting, matched sets of two tires are all they need.

Nate's 240SX on Emusa Coilovers, with Megan front and rear strut bars, and a welded diff, sitting next to his collection of tires for the day.

The track provides use of a tire mounting machine. So, pickup beds and trunks are filled with used rubber that have been scrounged from junk piles, or cheap take offs from the local tire store.


Mark, President of SlideSociety Drifting, coaches Skyler in his E34 BMW with a “tired” LSD on drift technique.

Most drivers have drifted a few times before, and are perfecting their skills. There are a few veterans who have been doing it for a while, but there are a lot of new drivers who want to learn. The mix between different experience levels produces an excellent learning environment.

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