Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3


 The completed wheelwell is now ready for the overfender.  You can see how the rear of the unibody has been removed in preparation of adding a tubular structure to support the battery and the fuel cell as well as mount the rear panels and overfenders.
The front of the chassis now has to be constructed.  The frame rails were first cut off to even with the forward most suspension pickup points as per Formula D rules.  A tubular structure must now be built to support the radiator, the TC rod mounts and hang the bodywork on.  The inner fenders are removed to make more room for steering angle and to make the front suspension easier to work on.
The framerail is plated over to reinforce it and capped off so a hoop to support both the TC rod mount and the radiator can be added.
With the hoop fabricated, it is time to mount the LS7 engine.
The transmission tunnel is cut away and the firewall opened up to the maximum allowed by Formula D's rules.  The S chassis has a small tunnel and a larger tunnel makes the car a lot easier to work on.
This framework supports new interior tinwork which will cover the transmission.

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