Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3


The completed tin cover for the transmission awaits the final fab for the shifter hole once the transmission is installed.  It can be removed via dzus fasteners for quick access, greatly easing maintenance.
Costa has built a jig to speed modifying S14 rear subframes for quick change installation and rear pick up point relocation.  If you are interest Costa can easily make you a subframe just like Matt's.
 Costa supports the quckchange case all the way around.  This reduces case flex and improves the reliability of the quickchange as the pinion gear wants to climb up the ring gear putting a lot of stress on the case.
A close look at the tube work completely bracing up the diff case.
Some clean examples of platework and welding on the modified subframe.
The subframe is completely FD legal and strengthens the diff case.

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