Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3


Costa fabricated these custom motor mounts to move the LS7 as low in the chassis and as rearward as possible.  A drysump system helps lower the engine's profile.
A look at the front hoop with the engine in place.
A top hoop is constructed to hang the bodywork on.
Larger tubes are added to triangulate the frame rails and stiffen the upper loop.
Tabs are added to hang the bodywork, lights and mount the radiator.   it was decided to use a 265 Nitto NT05 tire in accordance with FD's tire to weight rule as the best compromise between weight and tire width.  The car had to be made superlight.  If you notice how light the front of the car's construction is, it is somewhat unusual for a drift car.  When we asked Matt about it, he told us that he has never hit the front of his car so it was decided to make the front as light as possible.  That's confidence!
Sweet lightweight radiator mounts. We would build the front a dirft car much stronger but the car is optomized around the 255 tire size and is much lighter than Dai Yoshihara's car for example. Will the nimble and lightweight car prove to be better than a heavier car with bigger tires?

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