Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3


The back of the diff case is fully supported as well.  This is perhaps the best example of a modified subframe that we have seen so far.
A view of the bracing from the front of the pinion.
The non structural rear panel sheetmetal had to be notched slightly for clearance of the nose of the differential.
 A firewall had to be constructed between the trunk and the driver's compartment.  This is to follow the rules and also to help keep tire smoke out of the driver's compartment.
Another look at the Aeromotive fuel cell.  It just needs wiring for the pump, a vent,  pressure and return lines and it's all good!  Simpler is better!
The Optima battery is cradled in a dimple die plate saddle.  This gives the battery very positive and safe retention.  This is often overlooked in many race cars.  Drift cars have to start idle and cool themselves very reliably even in the hottest weather so a lot of demands are made on the electrical system.  No small drycell batteries for a drift car!

Stay tuned, in coming installments we will follow the car's build as it nears completion.  Sorry for the slight lack of cohesiveness.  At this point the crew was working around the clock and it was difficult to record each step of the car's construction through an exact sequence.

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