Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 3


The rear frame rails are capped off near the rear suspension subframe mounts and a tubular structure welded in place to support the rear bodywork, the fuel cell, battery and cool suit reservoir.  This structure is fairly robust to take impacts common in drifting and to be easy to repair as compared to a unibody.
Some of the details of welding the rear structure. Although we did not capture it, the rear structure is shaped to deflect severe impacts away from the critical internal parts with the heavier tubes being figured almost in a triangular form.  This is similar to what is done n off road racing and natural considering that Costa's background is in off road stuff.
The white plastic ice chest looking thing is the reservoir for the ice and water circulating through Matt's cool suit.  Drifting is so intense that it is common for drivers to use a cool suit to keep the brain cool for maximum concentration.  You can see the upper tubes that connect directly to the roll cage.
The master cut off switch and the Optima drycell battery.  The structure is made to deflect impacts to the side.  The smaller tubes are for the rear jacking point.
An Aeromotive fuel cell is used.  The Aeromotive fuel cell houses a swirl pot, a lift pump and a high pressure pump all within one unit for maximum reliability by providing an uninterrupted supply of fuel even under high g loading.  No slosh caused fuel starvation which is important as pro drift cars can generate well over 1.4 lateral g's in drift. Having everything contained is cleaner and safer than having an external swirl pot and pumps with vulnerable lines and fittings that can be damaged in a crash.
The fuel cell, battery and quick change rear end are contained quite nicely.  We wanted to have better pictures of the rear fabrication but in the rush to finish the car we could not be in the right place at the right time.  There is plenty of room to get to the quickchange diff end plate for easy gear changes.  You would not believe that some builders ignore this and loose some of the advantages of a quick change!


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