Nerd’s Eye View, a Look Inside Darren McNamara’s Falken Tire Nissan S14


The Andrews transmission is controlled via a Long shifter modified by SPD for Darren's lanky driving position.  A Willwood master cylinder controls the rear drift brake actuated by an SPD fabricated lever.  A fabricated panel holds all of the car's switchgear.

Engine parameters are monitored by a Motec dash with shift/warning lights.

This is the download port for the on board data acquisition system.  The car has GPS track mapping and all engine and suspension parameters are logged.

To meet the Formula D weight limit with the legal amount of ballast, the car runs two batteries which really is not such an overkill as alternator failures are common in drifting and having the car idle on a hot day with all the fans and pumps going puts quite a drain on the electrical system.  A Firesafe fire system is also used.

A Wilwood pedal assembly with Wilwood dual master cylinders and balance bar are used.  Top hung pedals are used because they have a more natural feel to most drivers.

SPD fabricated a cool reinforced section of firewall to hang the pedal assembly on one side and the fluid reservoirs for the brakes and clutch on the other.

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