Nerd’s Eye View, a Look Inside Darren McNamara’s Falken Tire Nissan S14


Getting more steering angle is important in a drift car.  A Hariguchi knuckle is used as the team feels that this has the best combination of angle and Ackerman.  The Hariguchi knuckle also lowers the car and corrects for roll center and bump steer. Yet another cool off the shelf S-chassis part!

The team is experimenting with laser ride height indicators.  The car has three of them.  The team has so far determined that these don't provide much useful data for a drift car and that linear shock pots are much more useful for set up.

A big Willwood six piston front caliper is used with a lightweight Sprint car type solid rotor.  Drift cars don't repeatedly stop from high speed continuously so they don't need heavy vented rotors.  They do need good bite when the brakes are used though.

The KW upper camber plate is used to adjust kingpin inclination and caster, not camber which is actually adjusted at the bottom of the spindle.

The SPD built cage affords the driver a lot of protection and greatly stiffens the chassis.  Note the driver is on the right hand side.

Darren's office away from home!

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