Nerd’s Eye View, a Look Inside Darren McNamara’s Falken Tire Nissan S14


The lexan rear window has a cut out to make access of the rear shock rebound damper easier.  The team adjusts the shocks frequently to keep the car in tune for changing track conditions.  Drift cars are very sensitive to this.

The front suspension is very straightforward consisting completely of parts that are available off the shelf to anyone.  This is one of the great things about the Nissan S chassis, everything you need to compete at a high level can simply be bought.  A Battle Version tension rod is used with an SPL lower control arm.

The KW 3-way adjustable Motorsports damper has an inverted shaft.  This is great for rigidity and long life which is critical for a load bearing McPherson strut.  Typically the drawback of inverted shafts is that they have a lot of internal friction which can cause a loss of mechanical grip.  KW gets around this by having the shaft slide on linear ball bearings instead of your typical bushings.  Very trick!  A dust boot protects the shocks internals as drifting is pretty dirty.  The dust covers were taken from sprint cars, another dirty motorsport.

A lot of drift suspension guys don't pay attention to things like king pin inclination but the SPD S14 is fully adjustable in this respect. Kingpin inclination is adjusted at the top by the camber plate and camber is adjusted at the bottom through these eccentrics in the strut housing.  Super cool!

The SPL arm is adjustable for roll center as well as overall length.

The Battle Version outer tie rods are adjustable for bump steer and you can see by the spacers that the SPD crew has been doing just that.

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