Nerd’s Eye View, a Look Inside Darren McNamara’s Falken Tire Nissan S14


A completely off the shelf Progress Group front swaybar is used.  After testing the Progress bars the team decided that they work fine with sufficient tuneabilty and a more exotic setup would be unnecessary. The team feels that swaybars on a drift car are critical for proper handling unlike many drifters.

The rebound adjuster of the KW strut is found on the bottom of the strut housing.

The steering uses a Battle Version outer tie rod and a Tein inner.  The outer is adjusted for bumpsteer.

SPD converted the S14 to right hand drive since Darren is used to that in his native Ireland.

A Driftworks offset tie rod spacer is used to keep a more linear Ackerman curve and to help prevent over centering of the tie rods and steering lock at angle.

SPL rear subframe bushings are used to adjust the antisquat in the rear suspension to a slight degree by using spacers to adjust the subframe angle.

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