Nerd’s Eye View, a Look Inside Darren McNamara’s Falken Tire Nissan S14


Here is a close up of the merged collector.  It has a large 3″ termination which is reasonable considering that the primaries are 2″ in diameter.  It has a slip joint to the primary tubes that are held together with bee hive springs to prevent the thin wall tubes from cracking.

Another angle view of the collector shows how the 02 sensors are mounted.

The header collectors feed into 3″ piping merging into a huge 5″ oval tube made of 304 stainless.  The oval tubing improves ground clearance.  Oval tubing is somewhat fragile and prone to vibration induced cracking so it must be supported from the hangers with great care.  No muffler is run on the full length exhaust, mostly because the weight of the muffler was causing the exhaust to crack after a few runs.

The block departs quite a bit from the standard small block Chevy and so do the cylinder heads.  Cast in aluminum by All Pro, they feature huge ports that are significantly raised over the stock ports and valves to flow enough air to feed the 410 cubic inches of displacement.  The valves are amazingly large with a 2.250 intake valve and a 1.65 exhaust valve.  The combustion chambers are low volume and high turbulence with a a lot of quench. The heads ports and combustion chambers are CNC finished for consistency.  The engine runs at a high 13:1 compression with JE forged pistons, a forged Moldex stroker crank and Carrillo rods.

The 410 SBC has a really stout valvetrain.  The stiff billet rocker arms are mounted on needle bearings that pivot on stout shafts rather than a simple stud.  The intake roller rockers have an interesting offset built into them to accommodate much bigger valves than were ever intended to be used on a small block.  It's hard to move pushrods tunnels, relocate cam lobes and lifter bores so rocker offset is a clever way to get the needed valve spacing.

The Falken S14 has a reputation as being one of the hardest surging cars on the Formula D circuit and can be dialed to have a lot of mechanical grip.  Here Darren pulls away from Mike Essa at Road Atlanta.

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