Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 1 – Street Cars and Show Stuffings


This duct on the underside of the hood is used to seal up against the intercooler. Notice the holes on the side however. Those should be to provide cooling air to the back of the engine bay where the turbo is mounted. The Evo X uses the NACA duct in the middle of the hood for the same purpose. The AMG-GT has that under hood duct to do the same thing too. Cooling air around the baking turbo is a good idea to protect any hoses and wires near the turbo.
Gotta keep the cars looking good. Especially after guys like me get my greasy food covered finger prints all over the hoods of the cars every time I pop on open. Surprisingly, or not, the hoods on the cars are all closed. At Bentley, the spokeswomen in the booth were kind enough to open and shut the hood for me (probably so I didn’t break the cars and get my finger prints on them).
Here is more luxury car NVH design stuff going on with the Infiniti. As you can see, the liner stuff is used on the sides of the engine bay along with the underside of the hood. Also on the underside of the front of the hood is a rubber strip which I assume is to prevent any wind noise from air that would travel through the latch hole and into the engine bay. Looking at the back of the engine bay, there is a full-length rubber strip seals against the hood.
Mid-show power-up required. The Verve Coffee Roasters brewed coffee to order in the Infiniti booth.
Kia had the best booth of Media Day in my opinion. Even though I dressed sorta fancy (just like Dai Yoshihara that day actually) and I’m nearly a decade and a half past the legal drinking age, I still got carded. I tried out the Pale Ale. How can you not love a Kia converted into a massive rolling keg?
Kia’s booth theme was California. So, you gotta have tacos. And the cheese and bacon on bread thing was awesome too.

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