Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 1 – Street Cars and Show Stuffings


Media day at the auto show is a huge production requiring coordination among various teams to make the presentations go off without a hitch. After all, you do not want to mess up with this massive crowd of international journalists watching. So while the main Audi guy was on stage talking, some video team had to pan this camera over the R8 using this fancy rig. Of course, the talking guy has to look around and throughout the crowd, so there are teleprompter screens placed all around (you can see one in the background). By the way, the stereo in this R8 sucks; it’s a good thing the V10 sounds pretty good. Oh yeah, this was some special edition R8 and it features some new little bits like the fixed rear wing and little canards on the front corners. Yeah, I’d daily drive it though I’d upgrade the speakers. Well, after someone wants to give me a quarter million dollars.
If you’re looking for an interstate cruiser, this Bentley with a twin turbo V8 could be the ticket. Notice there is no B-pillar which I’m guessing gives it more commonality with a convertible version saving manufacturing costs.
The V8 occupies nearly all the space in the engine bay. The turbos are fed cold air from these snorkels grabbing air from the front of the car. The engine goes right up against that rear firewall where a heat shield and insulation is used to keep heat out of the passenger cabin.
Sorry for the out-of-focus picture… but you can see the stacking of heat exchangers required with powerful turbocharged engines. Visible in front should be the power steering cooler followed by a radiator (I’m guessing for an air-to-water intercooler setup) followed by an A/C condenser and lastly the coolant radiator. I think that’s what they all are; regardless, there are four heat exchangers stacked up!
Of course, you still have an oil cooler in the corner of the bumper. Air in the front bumper opening, air out the wheel well.
The exhaust looks pretty substantial with each bank of the engine getting its own pipe all the way to the rear. In the middle appears to be a big resonator and then individual mufflers at the rear.
As is common nowadays, the actual muffler exhaust tip doesn’t match the artsy bodywork tips.

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