Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 1 – Street Cars and Show Stuffings


And then you have these two levers on the side which I guess are for shifting.
At least I recognize the hand crank! A leather strap holds the crank in place. The leaf springs are wrapped perhaps for durability reasons. Or maybe just to look nicer.
So how long do you think it takes to assemble this chain? Every pin used on every link has a cotter pin… A speedo cable is attached to the smaller gear in the middle.
Hmm… I imagine the rearward visibility out of the Hot Wheels Darth Vader mobile is quite poor. But Vader would just be using the Force anyway.
The benefit to waking up early? Food trucks!
Buttermilk cupcake with apple-wood smoked bacon, maple frosting, and more bacon and maple syrup? You know it!
Mmmm… Cinnamon apples, carmel drizzle, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

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