Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 1 – Street Cars and Show Stuffings


Here is a closer shot of the two turbos underneath the silver cover. As you can see, the lines going to the turbo are insulated which is good practice for performance and reliability.
So those vents in the front of the plastic shroud feed air into this duct. The duct dumps cool air into the V of the engine where the turbos are located to help keep temperatures in check there. Otherwise, without the cooling air, the V of the engine would become a pretty good oven roasting all the hoses and electrical wiring in the immediate vicinity.
The AMG-GT also has a heat exchanger mounted low and horizontal in the front bumper area. Yeah…. Sorry for the picture being completely out of focus.
So an interesting thing is that there is no direct dump out the bottom for that heat exchanger. I think the bulge in the under tray is where the heat exchanger is located and the bulge is to provide space for the air to exit the heat exchanger at which point it is directed rearward and dumped out the back of the engine bay. Anyway, another interesting little bit is that vertical lip/air deflector thingy attached to the bottom of the front bodywork somewhat similar to the Corvette. My guess is deflector reduces aero drag by causing air to flow more underneath the car instead of getting caught up in all the drag inducing non-flat under tray surfaces.
With high performance cars, every frontend opening gets used for some type of heat exchanger. Air that goes in must come out somewhere with that somewhere being the wheel well.
Best seats in any car of the show have to be the seats in any Mercedes AMG. These seats seem to be used across the AMG product line and they are awesome. Well, they fit me well at least.

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