Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2014: Part 1 – Street Cars and Show Stuffings


This tricycle was an interesting contraption. As the guy pedaled around, those little baskets rotated around the oval thing. After ingesting all the questionably healthy food, I decided I should probably eat some fruit.
Singer built this 1991 Porsche 911 as a very fast rolling piece of art. Underneath that artsy exterior is a set of Ohlins suspension.
Providing much go is a 3.8L, 360hp, hand built Cosworth engine mated to a 6-speed tranny with limited slip differential. This is some good ole air-cooled Porsche goodness as evidenced by the big fan blowing into the black shroud to distribute the air. Hey, this car still has A/C (the black thing next to the fan is the A/C compressor). Yes, those intake manifolds are really beautiful; it’s a shame they are hidden with the engine cover closed.
It’s a bit difficult to see as the fan shroud is black, but you can see how it distributes cooling air across the head of the engine. Out of focus in the back right is the shiny throttle linkage which allows the single throttle cable to actuate the individual throttle bottles on both sides of the engine. Attached to the throttle bodies are modern billet fuel rails for top-feed fuel injectors. Oh yeah, all the bodywork is in carbon to drop weight, not that this car weighed much in the first place. The power to weight ratio is probably on par with the upper echelon of modern performance cars.
Underneath the fancy stitched leather is a fuel cell with the artsy filler cap in the center. While the car is very artsy, it’s definitely got the functional goods. Check out the adjustable camber plates along with the strut tower brace.
After adding substantial mass to my stomach, ample liquid energy was available to provide fuel to make it through the day.

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