Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


Aiding the big boost cause is the Garrett by Honeywell GTX4088R turbo with twin-scroll housing to feed the 2JZ. A pair of wastegates is used with one going to each scroll of the turbine housing. A short diffuser is used at the turbine discharge to maximize turbine efficiency before connect to the large diameter downpipe. Of course, the oil and water lines for the turbo are wrapped in insulation for protection.
Thinner mountain air makes cooling more difficult, so a V-mount setup is used with the radiator angled down low and the intercooler sitting horizontal up high. A big oil cooler can be seen in the passenger side opening for the front bumper.
Here you can see the intercooler mounted horizontally which mates up to an exit duct in the hood to vent the air. A big Greddy intake manifold feeds the engine. You can see the remote reservoirs for the KW Suspension coil over setup. Notice the upper pillow ball mounts of the sturts are rotated to allow for caster adjustment. Also notice the orange paint marks on the bolts of the adjustable mounts to provide a visual indicator if the bolts loosen.
This is the fully machined pillow ball mount on a new line of KW struts. Of course, the slots allow for adjusting the camber. Compression, or bump, is adjusted at the top by the knob.
Here is the full coil over strut assembly designed for use with classic Porsches. Of course, it features adjustable height along with a tender spring setup.

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