Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


Mad Mike was in town doing his thing with the RADBUL Miata. At the end of SEMA, there’s an endless parade of the show cars leaving the convention hall making their way over to SEMA Ignite. Well, while in the procession, Mad Mike did what drifters do in tight spaces and had some fun making smoke and donuts. The SEMA fun police unfortunately cracked down on it.
*Christmas singing voice* Four Dorito shaped rotors, four Turbosmart wastegates, two Garrett by Honeywell GTX4088Rs, two Turbosmart BOVs, and a thousand plus horsepower sitting in a Miata engine bay. Okay, so that doesn’t quite roll off the lips as easily as “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Anyway, over a thousand horsepower makes a lot of heat, so the turbos have thermal blankets on the turbine housings, the wastegate dump tubes are wrapped, and a heat shield with radiant heat reflective gold foil keeps heat away front the cold air in the intake manifold.
My favorite displays are those showing the products working. This is the Holley Performance HydraMat. You can see the central fuel pickup point is not actually below the liquid level in the tank. However, you can clearly see the water streaming out of the bump and back into the tank from the nozzle at the upper right. If you have any fears of fuel starvation, consider investing in the HydraMat.
Another really cool fluid device is this Tuck Radiator from CSF. It’s like a modular semi-customizable design. The connects can be hose barb or AN fitting. The mounting brackets are adjustable to help place it anywhere and it comes with dual fan shrouds to make mounting the fans a snap. Of course, it features CSF B-Tube Technology for highly efficient cooling.
Race cars need tow vehicles and big diesel tow vehicles can use more cooling too when going up steep grades. CSF has you covered with their new Ford Super Duty application. Of course, there’s no reason the tow truck should not have a larger turbo setup on it too!

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