Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


007…. I wonder how James Bond would look in this Aston Martin. Anyway, this car has some serious brakes.
Brake cooling ducts feed air to the front rotors in two locations. This is the front duct with the tube below snaking to the rear.
This is the duct going to the back half of the rotor. You can see the quick release connector on this one line along with another line wrapped in a protective sleeve.
The upper A-arm is pretty short looking. Here you can see the stock aluminum chassis of the Aston Martin mostly hidden behind carbon fiber body panels. Many zip ties keep the all the wires organized.
This is the rear suspension. Spherical ball joints everywhere and a fancy billet upper arm. Another quick connect/disconnect on the rear brake line and protective sleeve over the line .
Here you can see the air flow channel for venting air out of the wheel well area. I’m guessing those vertical louvers are venting some air from the engine bay area.
As is pretty standard with GT race cars, the air going through the radiators is vented out the hood.

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