Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


This billet intake manifold for LS engines is from Scoggin-Dicky Parts Center. The runners appear to be quite short for good top-end power. So if you’re running some big turbo boost on your LS, have a look into this intake manifold.
Of course, you can put a blower on a V8, in this case for the Camaro from Eaton. Here you can see the remote water pump, heat exchanger, and reservoir for the air-to-water intercooler integrated in the blower.
I love these trucks and the sheer beefiness of all the parts. This truck has a side air duct which I think just provides an air channel into the ‘bed’ area for are drag reduction. It seems a bit of Le Mans prototype has made it into off-road truck racing.
Big beefy upright, heim joints, and sway bar make up the front end. I do wonder how often those joints have to be replaced considering the dirty environment these trucks race in.
The size of those straps that limit suspension drop is pretty impressive. Check out the brake calipers; they get pretty dinged up in off-road racing with all the rocks and debris which get caught between the wheels and calipers.
This is the StopTech brake caliper designed specifically for off-road racing. Just above it is a standard road going caliper which has an exterior tube to allow brake fluid to go from one side of the caliper to the other. However, on the off-road racing caliper, the flow channel is internal to the caliper eliminating the failure mode of that tube getting destroyed in the off-road environment.
This is a new caliper designed to fit on all those old school muscle car builds. Maybe one day, I’ll build a twin turbo ’69 Camaro. Of course, I’ll want brakes like these to slow the car down.

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