Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


Perhaps your Ford truck is towing your Ford Cobra Jet drag car. The 5.0L V8 has a Whipple charger mounted up top with the exhaust going through equal length long tube headers. Right after the header merge collector, the tube diameter expands a bit and then dumps downward shortly after.
On the Cobra Jet, the stock Mustang fuel tank area had to be clearanced for the range of motion for the wheelie bar. Being a drag car, the independent rear suspension of the street car was swapped out for a solid rear axle. Inside the massive Hoosier slicks, you can see the rear brake disk is pretty minimal to save weight. Just inside of the left rear tire, you can see a shock pot which measures the suspension travel providing data to the race team to help adjust the suspension setup.
3D printing is the norm now for doing rapid prototyping. Here is a Full-Race designed adapter to bolt a Borg Warner EFR twin-scroll setup to the Ford Mustang Ecoboost 4-banger engine. You can see the fabricated piece on the engine which is no easy piece to make.
This side of the adapter mates to the head of the engine. Yeah, you can see why fabricating the adapter from sheet metal would be much more difficult than casting the adapter.
APR has already cast an adapter of their own to go from the two port head on the 2.0L VW engine to a twin-scroll Borg Warner EFR turbo.
APR also had their carbon fiber intake system and upgraded intercooler on display. Why is the intercooler so freakin’ big for a 2.0L Golf R engine making around 500hp with the turbo upgrade? Well, VW decided to place the intercooler behind the A/C condenser which of course means the air hitting the intercooler has been warmed up a bit by the air coming off the A/C condenser. So, that issue is worked around by using a massive intercooler.

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