Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2015 Part I


Those boys at Evasive have followed the GT car route and vented hot air coming off the heat exchangers out the ducted hood too. The downforce from the Voltex front splitter and dive planes is balanced by the downforce generated by the Voltex rear wing and rear trunk lip spoiler.
Evasive is using a V-mount setup with the Koyo radiator leaned back. Peeking through the narrow slit opening in the bumper, you can see an intercooler mounted above the radiator. Notice the radiator is well shrouded to force all the air going through the front opening to go through the heat exchangers.
The front half of the big vent in the hood is ducted to the intercooler. The back half of the opening is to allow hot air coming off the radiator to vent out. The extra opening at the back of the heat should allow for more heat to evacuate the engine bay; the little raised lip added to the front of the opening should help the cause. What’s that NACA duct on the passenger side of the hood about?
Peeking through the rear hood vent opening, you can just make out an air filter siting behind the NACA duct. The guys at Evasive know colder intake air results in better performance from turbo setups, so the NACA duct feeds nice and cool air to the turbo intake.
Speaking of S2000s, Whiteline now has adjustable front and rear sway bars available. The range of adjustment is only two holes, but that’s one more set of holes than before!
Whiteline has a universal line of end links, so they very likely have one that will fit any of your needs.
If you have a VW Golf R, SuperPro has a whole line of goodies for you. I really like the full replacement front control arm assemblies. I’ve done the whole torching and cutting out of old bushings before and it’s no fun. Neither is all the time involved. Give me the whole new control arm with the bushings already installed allowing for a quick replacement upgrade swap.

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