Nerd’s Eye View: Standing Mile Turbo ‘Busa


Controlling wastegate and BOV duties are components from TiAL. As you can see, there’s not exactly a lot of space to put a GT42-GT45 size turbo on a bike, so the exhaust manifold is rather compact. That’s also a big honkin’ turbo to be hanging off the small engine, so a tie-rod is used to help support the weight of the turbo. Otherwise, I bet the manifold would crack quickly and/or the studs holding the manifold on would break. Another bit of smart precaution you can see is the clamp with safety wire around the oil filter. The oil filter coming loose and spraying down oil in front of the rear tire at over 200mph would make for a bad day. Just past the O2 sensor, the downpipe is wrapped in exhaust wrap to keep from melting nearby components.
The exhaust pipe is a big straight tube. It doesn’t get any less restrictive than this.
Packaging a big turbo on a bike requires a ton of modification and relocation of primary systems along with creativity. There’s the nitrous bottle mounted to the rear swing arm in front of the rear tire. For safety, a few hoses and lines are zip-tied to secure pieces. What’s this Aeromotive fuel filter doing over here by the rear swing arm?
The fuel line runs to the rear trunk area of the bike.
Typically, the fuel tank on a bike is located over the engine, but that space got taken up by the intake manifold for the turbo system. So now the fuel tank sits in the rear trunk of the bike.


  1. what size in diameter is the midpipe ??

    can you also explain the ” protection” around the midpipe that used as to prevent some materials inside body frame to melt?

  2. 4″ is abt 101 mm…. this is quite big considering that most people are using abt 70 mm max..

    Understand this eliminates back pressure and l the gasses flow naturally!

    Mine has only 62.5 mm and was considering options to replace with wider once boost pressure comes up as to eliminate any issues of back pressure etc etc.

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