Nerd’s Eye View: Standing Mile Turbo ‘Busa


I believe mounted under the trunk is the radiator protected by the mesh screen to prevent damage from crap kicked up by the rear tire. Typically, the radiator is mounted in front of the engine behind the front tire. Well, now there’s a massive turbo occupying that space. As the bike only has to survive a mile run, a large radiator is not required.
Getting all the new torque transferred to the rear tire requires upgraded clutch packs under this billet cover. Remember how spraying oil down at 200mph would suck? The oil fill cap is safety wired shut.
An extended rear swing arm from McIntosh Machine and Fabrication helps put the power down while preventing the nose from coming up. That’s a small tooth rear sprocket to help hit those top speeds way higher than Suzuki ever intended.
The cockpit has a few extra electronics. An AEM air/fuel wideband keeps tabs on the mixture. An AMS-1000 digital boost controller helps to maintain traction during the standing mile runs. It can control boost based on: time, shift, and GPS. NLR Control Products which makes the AMS-1000 makes an even more advanced boost controller along with nitrous controller. Attached to the right handlebar is a tether kill switch which attaches to the rider. If the rider gets separated from the bike, the tether kills the power to the bike.
During a standing mile run while trying to reign in more power than most exotics through a single tire, it’s best to keep your eyes straight ahead. An MSD shift light is mounted right in the rider’s line of sight.


  1. what size in diameter is the midpipe ??

    can you also explain the ” protection” around the midpipe that used as to prevent some materials inside body frame to melt?

  2. 4″ is abt 101 mm…. this is quite big considering that most people are using abt 70 mm max..

    Understand this eliminates back pressure and l the gasses flow naturally!

    Mine has only 62.5 mm and was considering options to replace with wider once boost pressure comes up as to eliminate any issues of back pressure etc etc.

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