Nerd’s Eye View: Standing Mile Turbo ‘Busa


MPS Racing makes a lot of motorcycle go-fast goodies like this air shifter system. MPS Racing also supplies nitrous systems and a bunch of other accessories.
There’s not much to the seat but this bike isn’t exactly built for comfort. The lack of padding may help communicate to the rider more directly the traction level of the rear tire.
Helping keep the bike planted and stable at speed is Race Tech Suspension. The lower fork bolts are safety wired of course.
A BST carbon fiber wheel is used at the rear. Why? Because a much wider tire is used than stock and if you need a new wheel and have the means, I’d go carbon fiber too.
A tire warmer is used on the rear before a run to maximize traction.
The front end appears to have been dropped to reduce the tendency to wheelie. The front wheel also appears to be smaller in diameter. New bodywork reduces aero drag. Notice the rear bodywork which fills in the space behind the rider to reduce the wake drag much like the ‘speed hump’ on the back of the jacket fills in the void behind the rider’s head to reduce wake drag.


  1. what size in diameter is the midpipe ??

    can you also explain the ” protection” around the midpipe that used as to prevent some materials inside body frame to melt?

  2. 4″ is abt 101 mm…. this is quite big considering that most people are using abt 70 mm max..

    Understand this eliminates back pressure and l the gasses flow naturally!

    Mine has only 62.5 mm and was considering options to replace with wider once boost pressure comes up as to eliminate any issues of back pressure etc etc.

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