Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


You can see the fabricated links and swaybar of the rear suspension here.  One thing that is not super obvious is that some of the links have been slightly relocated to reduce the amount of rear antisquat.
The front brakes are huge!  The car uses massive six piston Stoptech STR 60 calipers with 400mm floating vented rotors.  Hawk Performance brake pads are used of course.  Street courses are brutal on brakes, and the GT-R is a fast, powerful and heavy car on big sticky tires.  Look at the worn and heat crazed rotors!  The car was having its pads and rotors replaced while we shot these pictures.
You can see the carbon air director that feeds air into the top of the caliper here.  For a street course multiple front vents are used to control brake temps.  Aggressive Hawk pads keep things fade free under extreme temperatures.  The rotors are worn after just a few track sessions but this is normal for street circuits.

The rear brakes are Stoptech STR 40 4 piston race calipers with huge 390mm floating rear rotors and Hawk pads.  The brakes on this car are about as big as they get!
Here is what the caliper air duct looks like from the other side.  The hose takes air from the two nose side vents of the GT-R.
A Tilton top hung pedal assembly is used with Tilton master cylinders and balance bar for brake bias adjustment.  Note that the stock drive by wire throttle is still being used.  This is probably why top hung pedals are used instead of the typical floor mounted pedals.
The Nissan VR38DETT engine is basically stock with a few bolt-ons as homologated by World Challenge.  The turbos are stock.  We estimate that the engine probably makes between 550 and 600 whp although the team did not want to disclose what the car actually makes.

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