Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


The stock fuel tank is replaced with an ATL cell and bladder.  Aeromotive fuel pumps and filters are used to transport the fuel.  There are two bottles in the car's fire system, one of which is located here in the rear of the car with the fuel cell.  This is an unusual but thorough approach to safety.  You can see that the fuel cell vent has a roll over valve.
The CRP fabricated 321 stainless thin wall exhaust has two large 3″ downpipes going to a 6″ oval pipe.  The oval pipe has less disruption to the cars underbody air flow.
With the car's flat bottom undertray removed you can see how the exhaust has been recessed into the chassis floor with a side exit, cool stuff!  No disruption of the underbody air flow to feed the diffuser.
The stock GT-R has a rear transaxle that is heavy and complicated since it deals with AWD stuff and automatic shifting.  The Hawk CRP car gets rid of this stuff since it is RWD only.  A lighter and simpler Hewland transaxle is used.  Hewlands are normally found on Formula and Prototype cars but the GT-R's basic design lends itself well to this.  The Hewland has straight cut dog shifted gears.  No doubt some sort of trick differential is used like a viscous mechanical hybrid and ECM assisted shifting is probably employed.  You can see the cooler for the transaxle here.  Air is ducted to it via a NACA duct in the undertray.
With the diffuser removed, here is a glimpse of the transaxle.  Look how small and compact it is compared to the huge Nissan GR-6 transaxle.  We bet this saves close to 50-60 pounds from the back of the car.
Hawk Performance makes these cool, lightweight and super strong forged alloy wheels.  They are currently avalible in fitments for the Corvette, GT-R and several other cars.  World Challenge cars must run on spec Pirelli slicks.

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