Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


Ducts control the airflow to the Greddy intercoolers, the engine oil cooler and the C&R radiator.  The ducts on either side of the intercooler opening feed the front brakes for cooling.
The major aero feature of the car's front end is this carbon splitter.  The vertical flatness of the GT-R's nose makes the splitter very effective.  The flatness causes the air at the root of the splitter to slow down creating a pressure differential between the top and bottom surfaces of the splitter.  The subtitle continuation of the wheel arch in front of the wheel gives more stagnation and makes the splitter more effective.
A closer look at the wheel arch detail.  This is also the area where most of the improvement between the CBA and DBA GT-R's is as well.  The red paint means that this was shot at an earlier race.
A GT-R has a flat bottom feeding an effective diffuser in stock form.  The splitter blends nicely into the stock flat bottom.  This provides maximum splitter effectiveness.
Another look at the trick lightweight Hawk performance wheels.  The final aero feature that is different than the stock car are these subtly more aggressive side skirts.  The side skirts help prevent air passing over the sides of the car from curling under the car.  This side contamination of the underbody airflow renders the rear diffuser less effective so anything that minimized this contamination is helpful.  The car retains the stock GT-R rear diffuser which is actually a pretty well designed part.
The GT-R squats under power on corner exit, probably due to the reduced anti squat.  Some of this should be tuned out so the aerodynamics can work better.  The Hawk Performance/CRP Racing GT-R is currently the only GT-R being campaigned in professional racing in North America.  We expect to see it get faster and more developed as the team gets more experience with the platform.

Currently the GT-R has proven to be competitive, qualifying in the upper middle pack in most venues.  Considering that its competition consists of highly developed platforms with many years of development under their chassis, this is pretty decent.  Hopefully the team will continue to evolve the GT-R and the car will get faster and faster.  We are eager to see this newcomer give the Corvettes a run for their money like the GT-R does globally.   Follow the Hawk CRP car through the 2013 season, you know we will!

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