Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


The VR38 features Greddy charge pipes, air intakes and intercoolers.  The exhaust is a CRP Custom fabricated part and Motec is used for engine management.  Other than that, the engine is basically stock.
The Greddy BOVs dump to atmosphere which is ok with the Motec running on speed density.  The large diameter Greddy charge pipes actually make a pretty big difference on a street GT-R as well as this race car.
The power steering uses this large cooler and a larger reservoir (with the blue towel zip tied around the tip) to keep cool.
A huge C&R racing radiator helps keep things cool.  The system is run at high pressure, about 50 psi to reduce the chances of cavitation in the system.  The cooling system is vented in many places with the vents all leading to a recirculating surge tank to keep air out of the system.
Here is the surge tank.  Both heads and the high points of the radiator dump into it.  The lower part of the tank goes to the suction side of the water pump.  The tubes are the forward parts of the roll cage that tie to the shock towers.  The engine harness is all mil spec with Deutsch connectors and Teflon Raychem wiring.
Here is the surge tank up in the highest possible part of the engine bay.  The car uses an Aeromotive fuel pump and filters.  You can see one filter here, the other and the pump are located under the car by the fuel cell.

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