Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


The center console is replaced by this carbon fiber piece that contains the switches and fuses for the car's fuel and driveline cooling oil pumps as well as the master shut off. The cable attached to it is for the external shut off.  The big red knob adjusts the brake bias via the balance bar.  The sequential shifter for the transaxle is aft of the center console.  A SCCA mandated center net helps greatly in the event of a side impact.
A Motec dash monitors all of the engine functions.
Seibon makes the carbon doors, hood, trunk lid and fenders although they have been modified by CRP for more venting and or lighter weight.  CRP makes their own carbon front end in house.
Here is a better view of the shifter and dash switches.  The yellow knob is for hydraulic brake proportioning.
You can see the top horizontal cage bar here.  You can also see two video cameras, I think these are SCCA mandated for TV coverage.
Some of the wiring for diff and fuel pumps passes through bulkhead fittings.

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