Nerd’s Eye View- The Hawk Performance CRP Racing Nissan GT-R


The R35 chassis has been gutted, stripped and seam welded.  An extensive cage has been added.  A lot of attention has been paid to the cage to increase both stiffness and safety.  The cage has strong NASCAR bars on the driver's side for maximum driver protection.  A Racetech semi containment seat is also a big plus for driver safety.
The cage has a lot of triangulation which helps greatly for stiffness.  You can see the second fire bottle here in the back as well as some of the sensors for the data logging system.  The forced air unit for the driver's air supply is also seen here.  You can also see one of the rams for the air jack system right in back of the fire bottle.
The tubing on the passenger side of the cage is a triangulated X brace for stiffness.  Driver protection is not needed on this side of the car so no NASCAR bars.  The red tube is a steel conduit for the fuel lines as they cannot be simply routed through the driver's compartment.
Another glimpse of the extensive triangulation of the rear part of the cage.
The roof bars of the cage are not in an X pattern, the roof reinforcement goes down the centerline of the car.  This might be done for more head clearance.

A Sweet Manufacturing steering column gives adjustability and safety as it is collapsible.  A quick release OMP steering wheel is used.  The trigger for the fire system is the button on the left of the steering wheel.

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