Nissan NX GTi-R Version 3 Continued


Paulo at AES Auto had the challenge of creating what I wanted but also ensuring that it met his standards. Plus, he was not starting with a clean slate – he inherited a project car that he had never seen before. There were a few moments when he would simply stare at the engine and visualize what needed to happen.

You may be starting to wonder if any work had ever been done on this car. Did I mention already that one of the rear brake caliper seals let go and was leaking fluid like a sieve? Thanks to G-Spec Performance for helping me out with the needed parts. It really makes you wonder if the car was so frustrated at sitting in a garage that it retaliated in the only way it knew – by requiring new parts!


More than one observant reader let me know that in one of the photos I used of the Version 3 engine build, that I had clocked the Precision 5128 turbo incorrectly. I appreciated the input and everyone keeping me on the straight and narrow. This pic is for you – the oil drain now clocked to come directly out the bottom of the turbo.

The Precision 5128 turbo has a .86 T25 turbine housing and the T04B compressor housing. It is liquid cooled and has a dual ceramic ball-bearing centre housing. The turbine and compressor housings have options – the ones selected were to best fit the GTi-R's exhaust manifold. When you compare the hot side piping routes in the build article to the new routing now, there is simply no comparison. So, I approved the creativity.

Using a hose clamp to get a perfect line on the turbo's hot side exit.
Yes, that's right. The line was needed because my brand new turbo was going to be cut …

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