Nissan NX GTi-R Version 3 Continued


It looks so much cleaner with the hot side piping literally not visible in the engine bay unless you're looking straight down behind the radiator.

When you take your car to a shop, and the car is your ongoing project, and you have a bunch of new parts that you handle with kid gloves – “you're kidding!” is the initial reaction when it is suggested that you 'hacksaw' your new turbo. That is because my vision was limited – the hot side piping always comes up and over the manifold. In almost every scenario I have reviewed. So, that was the plan until AES Auto showed me the unfettered vision. After I got over my fear of making a significant modification to the turbo outlet, I really like the results. Not only does this clean up the piping and provide greater room in the engine bay, it shortens the hot side piping by at least 45 cm/18″. Of course, Paulo also had to adjust the custom hoses that were sending oil and water to the turbo, as they would not fit the new orientation of the turbo. It opens up all kinds of room for a tubular exhaust manifold – more ideas.


The DPI 750cc injectors are fitted into the factory fuel rail. Next was to get them wired into place. While AES Auto was looking at the fuel system, they found the the fuel pressure gauge was blocking about 40% of the fuel line. Paulo's keen eye certainly save some future trouble shooting to discover why fuel flow was low.

The stock 444cc injectors simply could not supply the fuel needed by this engine which has been growing more and more thirsty with almost every upgrade applied. Next was the installation of Donkey Power Injection 750cc injectors. These and the ECU are the last things purchased in person from Will and Noreen Au-Yeung at PZ Tuning before the car left Ontario. DPI injectors were in use in both the PZ Tuning RSX and the PZ Tuning/Vibrant Civic so there was no question of their capability. These fit directly into the factory fuel rail with only some rewiring of the pigtails to bring them to life. 


The Greddy oil catch can has been located in a couple of different spots in the NX's engine bay. Two much larger lines are running to it, plus another hole was drilled for the breather filter that allowed for the second line feeding in. It's now located just in front of the strut tower on the driver's side. This catch can is not as large as AES wants to see. Right behind the oil cooler which, as soon as I give the go-ahead, is going to be moved to a better and more efficient location. I worked hard to find a spot for it, but I don't question Paulo (too much). If he says that there is a better spot, I'm sure he'll find it. 
The Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 is what I chose to take the NX GTi-R to the next level. This photo shows it resting on the floor right in front of the passengers Kirkey seat. Please note that this is temporary.

That brings us to the new heart of the NX GTi-R, a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU with harness kit to connect to the GTi-R's harness. After discussions with Will Au-Yeung and Sasha Anis, I decided that this was the unit to take the NX GTi-R forward. There are a few options for the computer that I considered and, once Paulo started working on it he suggested that AES Auto has had great success with EMU systems. However, he was quite comfortable working with the Haltech and was very pleased that the Haltec came with the harness adaptor kit. Up to this point the car has been running on a factory Nissan ECU with a GFB Electronic Boost Controller. While this was working and my AEM wideband gauge has been showing no issues, the peace of mind and knowledge that the engine is now tuned and that there are maps for various boost levels is simply good to have. 


The Haltech is not in a permanent location yet, but it is a bit tider than the previous position.Since the Haltec ECU is now a MAP based setup, the MAF and associated wiring could be removed and the intake piping now allowed for more flexibility.  Paulo's creativity and flexibility solved these issues with a minimum of fuss.

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