Nissan NX GTi-R Version 3 Continued


… so that a cast Vibrant 90° angle could be welded on …
… so that right above the cross member it would turn and run parrallel to the bottom of the radiator.
Not only does this path shorten the hot side piping, it moves it from running up and over the exhaust manifold. And, it means that I can check the oil without potentially burning my hand/arm on the intercooler piping. 
While the initial thought about cutting into this brand new turbo was absolutely not something I could do, I could see the benefits as the rationale was described. I questioned welding cast as I know that not every welder will tackle that and Paulo pointed out that growing up and learning the trade in the Phillipines – welders learned everything. And, that cast Vibrant angle is now solidly mated to my Precision turbo.

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