OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


Volquartsen has parts to upgrade your stock bolt but we decided to get their high performance bolt assembly.  The Volquartsen bolt is close tolerance machined from a block of 418 stainless, the stock Ruger part is sort of roughly milled from steel.  It uses a titanium guide rod and a high quality Wofle spring.  The Volquartsen extractor is pre installed with it's tension properly set. The bolt has its headspace very precisely set to the minimum tolerance to keep the cartridge head from moving excessively.  The Volquartsen bolt has a precision round low mass titanium firing pin.  The stock Ruger part is a loose fitting big stamped steel part.  The precise Volquartsen firing pin ensures more reliable ignition from the sometimes finicky .22 lr cartridge.  As a final touch the Volquartsen bolt has a large grippy easier to operate bolt handle.  The stock handle is very small for adult hands.
The stock handle and guide rod top vs the Volquartsen part below.  The Volquartsen part has more engagement with the bolt and a longer lower stressed spring, not to mention the use of higher quality materials.  It is also polished and treated with a low friction surface coating.  Sometimes the cocking handle on the guide rod can contribute to first shot fliers so Valquartsen relocates it to the bolt.  It can also touch the firing pin in the stock bolt and cause uneven ignition and scattering of groups.  Volquartsen solves this by making it separate from this area of the bolt.
You can see the negative rake of the extractor claw and its sharp edge.  Our stock part was worn and rounded.  Our rifle was still reliable but we felt that it might not be any longer after the addition of our tight match chamber.
You can see the machining quality of the stock part on top and the Volquartsen on the bottom.  Tight tolerance machining means less random play and vibrations that can affect accuracy.  The hard stainless part will resist corrosion and last longer as well.
You can see the tight machining of the bolt face. Note how the hole for the cartridge head is shallower indicating tighter headspacing. You can see the sharpness of the extractor, important for reliable ejection on tight headspaced bolts.  You can see the tight tolerance hole for the round hole verses the sloppy slot for the stock firing pin.
We replaced the steel factory bolt stop with this Volquartsen urethane bolt stop.  This reduces stress on the rifle as well as vibrations that can affect accuracy.

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