OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


A solid scope mount makes a big difference in potential accuracy and goes a long way to prevent the chance of things vibrating loose, even on a little .22. We used a Burris P.EP.R scope mount with is very stiff and rigid and a great value. The mount is slightly overbuilt and on the heavy side but at 1/3 the cost of an American Defense or LaRue Tactical mount is cost effective for a .22.  It doesn't make sense to use a mount that cost just as much as the base gun!  We also like the fact that the P.E.P.R has an extra mounting pad so a fast action red dot can easily be mounted.

As a low light back up sight and a fast aiming both eyes open sight for quick action, we used a Burris Fastfire III red dot. This coaxially mounted red dot is a great aid for action or tactical shooting matches. It is also fun to use in general.  The optics package costs more than a brand new 1022 but it is worth it!

The Volquartsen carbon barrel is a work of art!  It looks so good, especially the flush blow forward compensator.

A closer view of the Volquartsen blow forward compensator.  The machine work is beautiful.

Here is TRGRiQ Girl's upgraded 1022 a few years later.  It is more accurate, has better optics and is about a pound lighter most of the weight coming off the front. 

The receiver is the only part of the original nearly 30 year old Ruger 1022 left as all of our work has taken the place of all the other parts.  

No longer a toy like $79.95 plinker bought at Big 5 Sporting Goods, this 1022 is steel challenge, .22 Tactical shoot or bench target shooting ready.  It is also the ultimate small game hunter even in low light.  It feels solid and precise. It is 3x more accurate than a stocker and although expensive, it is worthy of being a family heirloom that TRGRiQ girl can pass down to her kids like we did to her!


Volquartsen Custom


Green Mountain Barrels






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