OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


Our complete action is one high quality, precision machined thing of beauty.  Even if you are not into guns, this is a cool part!
The Bull barrel won't fit into our original wood stock without a lot of crafty wood work.  The wood stock  touches the barrel and can expand and contract with changes of temperature and humidity which allows it to press on the barrel which affects accuracy.  We bought this Tapco Intrafuse plastic stock designed for the larger barrel.  It does not touch the barrel and is not affected by weather.  It is butt ugly but very functional.  What is also cool is that it has an adjustable butt stock with a soft rubber butt pad so you can get the perfect length of pull which is really good when teaching kids to shoot or if you have short arms.  The grip has a storage compartment.  The stock also has Picatinny rails all over it which is useful for mounting slings, bipods, lights lasers and other goodies.  The Tapco stock is also cheap, around $100.  If you love beautiful furniture, there are all sorts of aftermarket stocks for the 1022 made of everything from fiberglass to exotic hardwoods to really neat laminated woods.  It was a toss up between really nice wood but function and price won out here.
No part of our new stock touches the barrel.  This free floats it, the best thing for accuracy as even minor forces can bend the barrel enough to cause a shifting point of aim.  That's why you should never prop a gun up by the barrel when shooting!  A lot of guns can have the point of aim change by several inches at 100 yards even with this minor amount of deflection!
Just in case we break our scope, we got these Magpul folding back up sights.  These are fully adjustable sights that attach to a Picatinny rail and fold flat when not in use.  At a touch of a button, they pop up and are ready to use.  In case we break our scope we can still pop these up and salvage some shooting time!
To steady our aim at the shooting bench we got this Harris folding bipod.  These are really handy.
So we can spend more time shooting and less time reloading we got this Ruger factory high capacity BX-25 magazine.  This magazine can hold up to 25 rounds so be careful.  Some States exclude .22 rimfire cartridges in their magazine rules and others don't.  Gun laws are very confusing so be careful and make sure that this is legal in your area.  The BX-25 is designed by the Ruger factory and is as reliable as the factory 10 round magazine.  Many of the aftermarket 1022 magazines are not too reliable.  In fact most of them are not!

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